/ 2018

As France marked the 50th anniversary of the May 1968 revolts, ON CITIES was commissioned to research the relationship between politics and public space.
We decided to collect images of urban revolts where people have been blurred in order to make the urban context stand out. The atlas reminds us that cities are not just the object of real estate speculation, but rather—and most importantly—the battleground where different hegemonic orders are confronted.


Rome, March 1, 1968

The «Battle of Valle Giulia» is the conventional name for a clash between Italian militants and the Italian police. It is still  remembered as one of the first violent clashes in Italy’s student unrest during the protests of 1968.


Prague, August 21, 1968

The photograph Josef Koudelka positioned a passerby to show the exact time that Soviet troops invaded Prague.
The invasion marked the end of a period of political liberalization known as the «Prague Spring».

koudelka-prague-68-invasion-wristshot copy.jpg