Location: Milan, Italy / Year: 2011 / Program:  mixed-use tower / Status: competition. FIRST MENTION.

The competition brief asked for a 100 meters high mixed used skyscraper in El Poblenou, a Barcelona's neighborhood which has experienced a dramatic political, economic and urban transformation during the last three decades. The competition became the opportunity to investigate Barcelona's status as global city and the role of the skyscraper typology in the European cities.  

Instead of proposing a unique and iconic building the project split the functional program into two identical towers. The two towers are considered as two inhabitable walls which frame -and thus define- a public square.

The building complex hosts a metropolitan hotel as answer to labor mobility. Each part of the hotel accommodates different programmatic functions: the podium contains a covered market. The lower courtyard building hosts an athletic club. Inside the two towers living spaces alternate with working spaces. The public space in-between the two towers is meant to stage and inspire agonistic political actions.